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After School


Ok, now that's cool! (literally)


Good Teachers Make Learning a Joy

The before and after school learning experience keeps school-agers motivated and focused.

  • After-school teachers help kids improve their reading, science, math, and social skills – but they're having too much fun to notice!
  • Weekly projects such as science experiments, cooking activities, and arts and crafts build new skills and test knowledge.

A cheerful greeting after a long school day.


Colorful Front Yard Welcomes Kids

Part of being happy is feeling welcome. School age children are related to in positive ways and encouraged to engage in activities that spark their curiosity.

  • Youth are treated with respect and listened to.
  • Children are warmly acknowledged when they arrive and depart.
  • The teachers actively find ways to help participants pursue their interests and improve their skills.

Play with your food…


Nutrition Need Not Be Boring

Youth are encouraged to assist in planning and preparing snacks so that they may learn healthy eating habits.

  • Nutritious foods and drinks are provided for snacks and timed appropriately.
  • Drinking water is readily available at all times.
  • The program provides health and nutrition information through discussion, printed materials and workshops.

Apples in mouths – a messy, but hilarious business!


Let the Games Be Joined…

Whether their special interest or talent involves nature, music, sports, computers or chess, all those interested in an activity are included.

  • Games and sports are open to all regardless of skill level.
  • Children willingly share materials and space.
  • They suggest activities, negotiate roles and jointly work out the rules.
  • There is a strong sense of community among the group.

Getting out into the world at large


Building Links to the Community

Field trips and special visitors expand children's learning through active hands-on experience.

  • Creating an understanding of the rich resources of the local community.
  • Increasing knowledge and understanding of a subject by adding realism to the topic of study.
  • Hosting visitors and special events at the center.

Going in for a closer look.

creative play

Examining the World through a Scientific Lens

Cooperative, hands-on activities give children a chance to examine science in daily life.

  • They begin to feel comfortable exploring and discussing the greatest of science mysteries.
  • Activities encourage students to 'tinker' and explore.
  • Tested methods are used for growing plants indoors or outdoors.
  • Youth become interested in science and experimentation.

Can we go out and play?


Endless Outdoor & Indoor Fitness Activities

Balls, gymnastics, climbing equipment and slides help grow and strengthen developing bodies and form a lifetime of healthy habits

  • There is more than enough space indoors and out to support a variety of fitness activities.
  • Energetic and enthusiastic teachers switch off between playing with the children and encouraging children to play on their own.

This computer is a toy.


Leveraging a Strong Interest in Computer Games

A supervised and supportive environment that encourages youth to play computer games that have positive educational content.

  • Designed as a non-formal, recreation model for after-school computer.
  • Giving hands-on involvement with computers and games.
  • Encouraging children to interact with each other.

Kids Love to Send and Get Mail!

splash time

Responsibility Starts Early

What began as a way to present letters to Santa has grown into a popular quiet activity – one of a wide variety of activities that reflect the children's abilities and interests.

  • School-age kids are encouraged to make decisions, provide leadership, build teamwork and set an example as mentors for younger children.
  • They are invited to join enrichment activities that promote basic higher level thinking.

Simply the Best Program Around…

Before School, After School – “Off” & Snow Days

Providing engaging and challenging activities that promote the development of academic, social, and personal skills. A homework area focuses children on working through their assignments allowing for more family time at home.

Teachers keep informed about special school projects, help with homework and value the children's academic efforts. Trained, qualified, and enthusiastic staff members possess a genuine love for children.

The Daily Schedule is Flexible

Rates? reasonable
Hours? flexible
Location? convenient

It offers enough security, independence and stimulation to meet the needs of all ages. The routine provides stability without being rigid.

On days off from school, special activities are arranged like King Cakes and Mardi Gra parades in March, Reindeer breakfast during the winter holidays and trips to parks and museums.

Choose from a Wide Variety of Activities

Project-based, hands-on activities promote creativity and development of self-expression. Activities are age appropriate and reflect the physical, emotional and social well-being of the individual child.

There are enough materials in the classroom for several activities to be occurring simultaneously. Not only do they learn from the activity, but they are having fun because it's something they chose to do.

Project-based, hands-on activities promote self-expression.

Physical play, creative arts, dramatic play and quiet activities are equally encouraged.

Children's Safety & Security Protected.

All health and safety licensing requirements are strictly enforced.

Procedures are in place to prevent accidents and manage emergencies. The staff is trained to stay calm and handle situations in ways that reduce fear and disruption.