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– Twos


Our woodland grounds are fun year-round…


Warm & Welcoming Facility

Conveniently located in a semi-rural setting, we offer country amenities and commuter convenience.

  • Indoors and out, we offer an exciting world to explore, featuring sand, water, drama, and art playscapes.
  • Weather permitting, the infants, toddlers, and twos program includes at least two outdoor times each day.
  • The children love fresh air, and are always interested in watching the “big kids” playing outside!

Fun-filled classrooms and cozy sleep areas


Inviting Classrooms

Natural lighting is integrated with a facility-wide system of spotlights and overhead lights that create a beautiful affect throughout the day.

  • The windows in the infant room are large enough to provide ample sunlight and give a sense of connection to the world outside, but small enough to give the classroom a cozy, secure atmosphere.
  • The toddler's and two's rooms are filled with toys and bright colors; they have both carpeted and smooth surfaces to make it easier to master walking.

A safe environment is a fun environment…


We Take Safety Seriously

In addition to a secure door code system, classrooms are equipped with safety features:

  • there are latches on refrigerators and cabinet doors.
  • outlets are out of reach & door hinges are covered.
  • toys meet national Consumer Product Safety standards.
  • allergy lists are maintained.
  • each classroom has an emergency phone.

Looks like this explorer is ready for a nap!


Drivers (and budding pedestrians) welcome

Toddlers and twos learn by experimenting. Our program provides plenty of chances to explore:

  • Low, open uncluttered shelves with clean, high quality toys invite children to play with diverse manipulative toys and artistic media.
  • Toys are rotated on a regular basis so that the kids never grow tired of them..
  • ... but the children themselves do grow tired; that's why every toddler and two year old receives a special napper sleeping bag.

Individual feeding plans for every child


Good Nutrition is Essential to Growth

  • Teachers follow parents' written infant diet plans – using only the food you send (prepared bottles of formula or breast milk).
  • For toddlers and twos, parents can choose to send the child's favorite foods from home or order hot lunches provided by a catering service.
  • All staff are trained in proper hygiene and safe food handling practices.
  • Allergies are clearly posted and special toddler chair trays prevent children from sharing.

Playmates today – friends for life


Shared Playtime Fosters Social Development

Well-equipped indoor and outdoor play areas help children learn to interact and cooperate with each other.

  • All toys are safe and in reach.
  • Carpeted building space with soft foam blocks helps children develop motor and spatial skills.
  • A large mirror at the child's level, with a foam mat on top, provides an ideal spot to explore facial expressions and develop visual dexterity.
  • Dramatic play area lets children practice the things they see others doing every day and stretch their imaginations.

The view from here is great!

tummy time

A Precursor to Crawling & Walking

Gross motor control and development of the larger muscles is an important part of growth at this age.

  • To help develop the back and neck, and arm strength needed for sitting and rolling, young infants need frequent short periods of “tummy time.”
  • Natural sunlight from windows in the infant room makes the view appealing from any height.

Books, books, and more books.


A Life-Long Love of Learning Starts with a Good Book

Word recognition – and learning to follow the plot of a story by studying visual clues in illustrations – are very important early literacy skills.

  • To encourage children to explore literature on their own, the classrooms offer comfortable bean bag chairs and kid-size seats.
  • A constantly-changing selection of picture and word books are available on shelves at the child's level.

Fun in the sun – with H2O (and plenty of sunscreen)

splash time

Water play promotes sensory development.

Toddlers and twos love playing outside. The center offers beautiful playgrounds designed especially for toddlers and two-year-olds.

  • One area is a sand park with plenty of shovels, buckets, and scooping toys.
  • Another playspace is covered with a rubber surface, which creates a perfect water park for sprinklers, sensory tables, bubble play, and riding vehicles during the rest of the year.

Simply the Best Quality Child Care Around…

Nurturing, Well-Trained Teachers

Rates? reasonable
Hours? flexible
Location? convenient

We pride ourselves on our A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. All of our infant and toddler teachers are trained early childhood development professionals. Our teachers are warm and attentive, spending “heart-to-heart” time daily with each child – feeding, snuggling, dancing, reading, and laughing.

Instructors attend at least 20 hours per year of continuing education classes, including specialized courses in infant growth and development as well as safety classes such as first aid, CPR, and hygiene and food handling.

A Safe & Secure Setting

Parents enjoy peace of mind, knowing their child
is in the best of hands.

Security is one of the hallmarks of the center. In addition to meeting or exceeding all of the emergency evacuation and safety requirements for the State of Connecticut, we have a secure door code system that can be used to enter only through the front door, and an internal camera system that allows directors to monitor classrooms.

The center features the Watch Me Grow system – which lets you view your child at anytime through a secure internet site.

Keeping Parents Connected

Parents' involvement in a child's care and development is important. We work closely with parents to develop individualized care plans for each child, and provide daily communication:

daily written parent reports

Daily reports to parents

Each child receives an individualized daily report with information including the times and details of diaper changes, meals and bottles, and sleep patterns.

These reports also contain detailed, personalized comments that give parents a clear picture of the highlights and experiences of each child's day.

For Infants… An Exciting World of Sights & Sounds

Infants learn by experimenting and interacting with their world. Low, open, uncluttered shelves with clean, high-quality toys invite children to play and explore. Toys are rotated on a regular basis so that the children never grow tired of them.

mirror image

Who are you looking at?

Mirrors are an endless source of fascination for children in this age range. The reflected image is constantly changing, and responds directly to the child's movements, which is often the key to self identification.

A large mirror at the child's level, with a foam mat on top of a padded carpet, provides an ideal spot to explore facial expressions and develop visual dexterity by focusing on objects at different focal lengths.

Exposure to music is a very important part of a child's cognitive development. The infants' lesson plans include singing songs every day, plus a wide variety of music that is used to create a rich soundscape as a background for different activities during the day.

For Toddlers… Growth, Development & Exploration

Two-year-olds need frequent opportunities to play with manipulatives – toys that help them learn and master the fine motor control they'll need for skills such as writing and drawing.  Materials such as puzzles, peg boards, and sorting games also help develop three-dimensional thinking and problem solving abilities.

Children enjoy our warm, stimulating atmosphere.

Our toddlers program includes time for at least two paintings, gluing, stamping or sticking art projects every day. The opportunity for creative expression builds self-esteem, helps foster a sense of independence, and provides a window for teachers to interact with children one-to-one and celebrate each child as an individual.

hippity hops

Motor coordination - the fun way!

Socialization and language skills are also critical at this age. We foster both with indoor and outdoor group play, as well as “circle time” activities centering around a new word or theme each day. A dedicated dramatic play center let's kids try on different roles.

Reading and storytelling is an important part of the program. Teachers read aloud at circle time, and books are kept at low shelves where children can reach them independently. Like all materials at the center, they are exchanged on a regular basis and kept in good condition.

For Mini's…Growing Towards Independence

“Minis” are the young or pre-twos who are transitioning between the toddlers and twos. These children will not be quite as steady on their feet as the twos, will still need to develop their listening skills and are not quite secure enough in their own self to advance to the confident twos. Their attention span is still developing as well and their language is usually expanding rapidly.

Masterpieces don't require tidiness

Masterpieces don't require tidiness

The minis relate more to the characters in stories, enjoy listening to songs, act out various roles in dramatic play and are beginning to make friends in the classroom. They love being outside and like the variety of playgrounds at the center.

As they begin to communicate with their teachers, parents and friends, they try to find new words and methods for having themselves understood and will “copycat” nearly everything they see.

All minis take great joy in feeding themselves and are offered a variety of finger foods which bring fun tasting sensations. They can easily sit at a table beside their friends and enjoy their lunch and snacks and often observe what other children have to eat but are more interested in their own food.

When outdoor time comes they love the atmosphere at the center and find the different activities and areas challenging no matter what the season is!

For Twos – Learning & Exploring

Two-year-olds need frequent opportunities to play with manipulatives – toys that help them learn and master the fine motor control they'll need for skills such as writing and drawing. Materials such as puzzles, peg boards, and sorting games also help develop three-dimensional thinking and problem solving abilities.

Make-believe fosters imagination make-believe

Make-believe fosters imagination

The two year olds are entering an exciting time of development and will grow by leaps and bounds nearly every week. During this exciting year, the children will lay down the foundations of speaking, reading, listening, math, writing and science.

These children are like sponges and will absorb nearly anything they come in contact with. They will advance so quickly that there periods when they have to play catch-up and just take a break from learning. The educators at the center choose carefully when to change materials and enter new concepts in order to keep each child's interest in learning.

The famous “NO” stage of twos is handled very gently by the teachers with choices that are attractive being given whenever possible. Most twos will take a very keen interest in books and will readily expand their listening time as well as their understanding of the concepts.

When the two year olds get ready to go outside, they usually can't wait to go for a nature walk or explore. The center has beautiful playgrounds and a country setting that is very inviting for all children.