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Future Winter Olympians train on the hill


Lifelong Friends Start With Year-Round Fun!

Learning to socialize and communicate by making friends is an important part of a good pre-school curriculum.

  • Daily free play in the center's expansive yard offers plenty of opportunities to play (or race!) together.
  • Inside, a wide variety of games and toys and group activities help pre-schoolers develop strong social connections and positive self-esteem.

Energetic instructors give children new perspectives


Engaged Teachers

Exposure to music, rhythms, and language are very important parts of each child's cognitive and motor development.

  • Pre-school lesson plans include a song that is introduced at circle time each day, plus a wide variety of music and movement activities throughout the day.
  • A special interactive music class with a professional music teacher is offered once per week.
  • Gymnastics, art, science, computers, building, reading, drawing, and writing round out the curriculum.

Would love to chat, but I've got to run…


State-of-the-Art Outdoor Playscapes

Weather-permitting, the pre-schoolers enjoy outside-time at least twice a day, year-round.

  • The outdoor playscapes include an array of slides, swings, climbing structures linked by a bridge, a playhouse, and sandbox.
  • A rubber area with sculptures, tricycles and sports equipment provides ample opportunities for gross motor development.
  • Outdoor carpet lines yet another playscape – which is perfect for water play in the warm months and snow activities in the winter.

Altogether now – let's eat!


Full Lunch & Frequent Snacks

Send your child's favorite foods from home, or choose hot lunch entrées delivered by a catering service.

  • Teachers warm each child's food individually in the microwave, and mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks are provided.
  • Instructors are trained in proper hygiene practices, including hand-washing procedures and safe food handling.
  • All allergies are clearly posted in the classroom, and teachers will happily accommodate special food needs or requests.

Prima ballerinas strut their stuff


Music & Movement

Gross motor control, or development of the larger muscles, is an important part of growth at this age.

  • A large open carpeted area provides enough room for dance classes, gymnastics, and other physical development activities – as well as an inviting indoor play space on rainy days.
  • Movement classes are offered twice a week.

Mine can fly to outer space


Play that Develops Fine Motor Control and Coordination

The preschool classes share an impressive array of puzzles, games, and manipulatives to help develop spatial conceptualization and problem-solving abilities.

  • Peg boards, patterning blocks, sorting puzzle sets, unifix cubes, matching games, are designed to provide math and science readiness.
  • All of the materials and toys in the classroom are rotated on a regular basis so that children never get tired of them.

Look, I'm making a wave

tummy time

Exploring Science in Daily Life

Science activities are included in the curriculum plans for each.

  • Balancing scales, magnet sets, listen and match games, nature observation tools and color mixing equipment are incorporated to develop each child's natural sense of curiosity and wonder.
  • Preschool teachers are trained to encourage exploration.

Masterpiece from the moment it's conceived

splash time

Junior Rembrandts Hard at Work

Daily lesson plans for art are designed to provide opportunities for creativity and self-expression, and refine the fine motor skills required for writing and drawing.

  • Samples of a variety of recent projects are always displayed where the children can enjoy them.
  • Seeing their own work up on the wall builds self-esteem, encourages conversation with parents and teachers, and creates a strong sense of belonging.

It's pajama time…


Even “Off” Days are On Days

Bring on the unexpected snow day, the day before Christmas, parent teacher conference day – for these are the days when something special happens.

  • From new release movies and pizza parties, to pajama parties, to mardi gra parades, preschoolers play a role in planning special activities on the “off” days.
  • The indoor play areas are decorated with theme base projects they create.
  • Special visitors come to join the classroom in special theme activities.

Simply the Best Quality Child Care Around…


Kaleidoscope Kids features top-notch security which both meets, and exceeds the safety requirements for the State of Connecticut: every outlet is capped, door hinges have guards, there are secure keycode door code locks, and an internal camera system allows directors to monitor classrooms.

watch-me-grow secure web cam

Check in via secure web cams

While you can work comfortably knowing your child is in a safe environment, it's even better to be able to see them for yourself.

That's why the center features the Watch Me Grow secure web cam system – so parents, grandparents, and other family members can share the child's day from anywhere in the world that has internet access.

For Threes… Developing Mind & Body

Pre-school classes share a spacious, bright classroom with plenty of natural light. The wonderful space features an impressive array of equipment, including: peg boards, patterning blocks, sorting sets, unifix cubes, matching games, and many other manipulatives designed to stimulate curious minds.

Rates? reasonable
Hours? flexible
Location? convenient

master builder hard at work

Master builder hard at work

Blocks and puzzles are a key part of the Three's curriculum because they help children to develop their spatial conceptualization and problem-solving abilities.

The materials and toys in the classroom are rotated on a regular basis so that children never get tired of them.

To develop strength and coordination they'll need for holding a pencil or cutting with scissors, three-year-olds need plenty of opportunities to use the muscles in their hands. Play dough is especially helpful in developing hand strength and there many brightly colored samples with a large assortment of presses and cutters in the classroom.

For Fours… Cognitive & Emotional Development

Each day features a
new theme & word.

At circle time, the theme or word of the day is introduced through discussion and a related book, song, finger play, or rhyme. This group experience is rich in opportunities to develop emerging language and social skills.

The Fours' daily routine includes multiple center-based activities such as story time, flannel board, creative art, group music and movement games. These activities develop school readiness by lengthening attention span and encouraging each child to listen and participate.

nothing beats a good book

Nothing beats a good book!

The interactive Listening Center gives each child an opportunity to practice independent reading.

With an ever-changing array of books and tapes, the listening center enables each child to engage in the story by looking at the pictures close-up, listening for cues, and independently turning the page.

The four year old level is when the children just love the excitement of nature and science and the preschool classroom and its environment are perfect for collecting bugs and worms, observing birds, planting flowers and gardens and doing all sorts of kitchen chemistry. Each child takes delight in caring for the special fish in the tank or collecting various leaves.

For Fives… Focus on School-Readiness

The pre-school programs share a computer classroom with a six terminals and a variety of developmentally appropriate software. The children love working together on solving problems with the games and the small group setting enables the teachers to provide individual instruction in basic computer skills.

“Before Kaleidoscope, my daughter was nervous and shy. Now she's confident & happy.” – Michelle M., Ridgefield

Learning to socialize and communicate by having fun with friends is an important part of a preparing to enter kindergarten. A wide variety of games and toys and opportunities for free play throughout the day allow the five-year-olds to develop strong social connections and positive self-esteem.

ready for school

Got this mastered – bring on school!

Individualized and group science, reading, writing, art, and music activities are included in the curriculum plans for each week.

The pre-school teachers, each of whom is a certified early childhood education specialist, encourage the class to explore and develop each child's natural sense of curiosity and wonder.