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Summer Camp


Hop-a-long Cassiday and the Gang

sack races

Endless hours spent outdoors with friends

An emphasis on the importance of outdoor play ensures a higher level of activity and is useful in increasing fitness levels.

  • Healthy pastimes provide experiences that lead to a more active future.
  • More active play reduces the impact of time spent watching TV at home or playing computer games.
  • Garden and outdoor games are fun.

What goes up… must come down


Slip Slidin' Away

Nothing says summer like flying down a water slide.

  • Children love the refreshing thrill of water and speed on hot summer days!
  • The outdoor space is equipped with many unique, fun and very safe ways to get wet.
  • Sprinklers, slides, hoses, buckets, water toys and plenty of sun tan lotion are in use daily.

Well that's a curious sight!

field trips

Oh, the places we'll go!

Young children learn from their experiences. They use their senses to gather information about the world around them. That's why field trips play an important role in the summer curriculum.

  • Smelling the air or listening to the sounds around them, a fieldtrip does not have to be elaborate to be effective.
  • Exciting weekly summer field trips for the older children (4yrs. and up).
  • Fun, entertaining discovery walks for the younger children.

Bubble, bubble, toil, but no trouble!


Cool Bubbles On A Warm Summer Day

Preschool children, toddlers, infants, you name it, all children love bubbles. Blowing them, running around to catch them, and exploring what goes into making them.

  • One popular summer science experiment is making the simple bubble solution.
  • Re-using old bubble containers, blowing through old cd's, loopng pipe cleaners, making colorful bubbles – this activity that never gets old.

Wilderness warriors – with all the amenities


It Wouldn't Be “Camp” Without A Tent

Introducing camping outdoors makes an unforgettable summer experience for kids of all ages.

  • Children pitch the tent together.
  • The shade and screened roof provide a welcome oasis of warm breezes and leafy shadows.
  • Children spend time sitting together talking, reading and inventing stories.

Kermit's got it easy compared to this guy!

nature walks

Kids Get To Know Nature – First Hand

“Will it bite me? Is it poisonous? Is it a baby? Where is its mother?” – as children experience nature an avalanche of questions come tumbling out.

  • Summer provides many opportunities to learn in a natural environment.
  • The outdoor spaces are full of plants, trees, flowers, water, dirt, sand and insects.
  • Just add discovery and the power of their imagination.

Abracadabra. Hocus pocus. Alakazam!


A Magician Is Just One of Our Special Guests

The focus of our summer specials is interactivity and entertainment so there's plenty for the children to do and participate in.

  • Visitors specialize in making great connections with the children.
  • Using humor, antics, and getting them laughing is the goal.
  • Coins appear out of thin air and children come up and “assist”.

Project Runway? I thought you said project run-away!


The Best Masterpieces Are the Ones You Can Wear

T-shirts full of real hand prints and their co-camper's names is just one of the mementos that remind children of their fun summer.

  • Mixing colors, making a mess and making art is easy outdoors.
  • Kids create lots of things using materials we adults toss!
  • Getting creative each day makes them feel special and good about themselves.

Simply the Best Summer Day Camp Around…

An Exciting Summer!

Our Kids Kamp is runs from mid-June to mid-August, and is open to children age zero to twelve. The price and scheduling options offer the same flexibility as our school-year program.

Rates? reasonable
Hours? flexible
Location? convenient

Counselors focus on giving children the opportunity to develop a positive self-image in a non-competitive atmosphere. There are special programs for yoga, music, gymnastics and sun-and-fun water activities.

The program offers children in Kindergarden through 6th grade field trips to places like Splashdown Water park, Stamford Museum and Nature Center, bowling, in-house guests and more.

The fun doesn’t stop back at Kaleidoscope Kids school, where each week is centered around a different theme, and activities vary by day of the week

Weekly Themes

“We wouldn't want
our son anywhere
else. We love the
staff; he loves the
fun.” – Jen C., Danbury

June 20–24

Camping Fun (infants & toddlers) – Calling all campers! Let’s pitch a tent, go fishing, and hunting for bugs.

Where the Wild Things Roam (pre-school & younger) – It’s time to investigate our surrounds and see what creatures we can find; perhaps a frog, a butterfly or other creatures that buzz or flies.

Gardens and Butterflies (kindergarten & school-age) – Let’s learn about butterfly-attracting gardens, grow vegetables, and hatch butterflies and then release them.

June 27–July 1 · Party in the USA

It’s time to celebrate America’s birthday with a whiz-bang-boom celebration of freedom. This is a fun and festive week, ending with the Celebration Carnival and picnic.

July 4–8

How Things Work (infants & toddlers) – Let’s investigate a masking tape ball, Velcro puzzles, making a water wheel work and many other sensory mysteries.

Re-Engineering Explorers (pre-school & younger) – Build it big, roll it fast and create awesome designs out of recycled products. We will experiment with science concepts while learning about recycling!

Space is the Place (kindergarten & school-age) – We will be out of this world as we build our own Lego version of the International Space Station and make space treats like moon pizzas.

July 11–15

I’m a Great Artist (infants & toddlers) – It’s time to put our berets on and paint, color and collage like the great artists Moo-tisse and Pigcasso.

Space Academy (pre-school & younger) – We will build a spaceship, make moon boots, astronaut helmets and booster packs for an out-of-this world trip. It’s galactic fun!

Myth Busters (kindergarten & school-age) – Let’s investigate different chemical reactions using solids, liquids, and gas as we create different experiments. We will learn about electricity and magnets too, as we build our own flashlights and race cars.

July 18–22

Hawaiian Hullabaloo (infants & toddlers) – Get out your ukulele and grass skirts because this week focuses on Hawaiian art and sensory activities!

Dinosaur Digs (pre-school & younger) – Get ready for screeches and roars. Be a junior paleontologist – hunt for dinosaur eggs, dig for fossils and create a prehistoric scene with an erupting volcano.

Edible Arrangements (kindergarten & school-age) – We will make some incredible edible concoctions and then eat them.

July 25–29

Puppets, Wiggles and Giggles (infants & toddlers) – Music and movement, puppets and high energy fun. Join us for a great time of singing, dancing and silliness as we make new puppet friends.

Great Artists (pre-school & younger) – It’s time to paint water lilies like Monet, drip paint like Pollack and sculpt like Picasso. It’s a week of finding your own artistic style.

Ocean Life (kindergarten & school-age) – We will celebrate living under water as we learn about the many sea creatures, the ocean and the beach. Have you ever seen a shark tooth?

August 1–5

Sensory Science (infants & toddlers) – Ever sculpt with cooked spaghetti, painted with a carrot, danced with bubbles or made a tissue fly? It’s a sensory extravaganza that any toddler to two-year-old would enjoy.

Mystical Kingdom (pre-school & younger) – Get ready for magic wands, building castles, magic potions, treasure hunts and high sea adventures.

Knights, Princesses and Pirates, Oh My (kindergarten & school-age) – Calling all pirates, knights and fair maidens, welcome to Kaleidoscope Kingdom where we will go on treasure hunts, create magic potions, and go on exciting magical adventures.

August 8–12

At the Zoo (infants & toddlers) – Using Eric Carle books, we will rhyme our way through the animal kingdom.

Ocean City (pre-school & younger) – Let’s celebrate living under water as we explore sunken ships, sea creatures and create our own underwater city.

Robotic Rampage (kindergarten & school-age) – Come learn the three R’s of recycling as we learn to build robots using boxes, paper towel rolls and much more.

August 15–19 · Kaleidoscope Olympics

Let’s have a ball playing outdoor games, obstacle courses and relay races. We will create our own medals to be awarded at our closing ceremonies ending with a picnic.

August 22–26 · Summer Memories

It’s been a great summer. Let’s recap some of our favorite activities from the summer and then we will have a party to say farewell!